Core Security Services
Cost-Effective Private Security
Deter Theft, Crime, Vandalism
Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Entertainment Event Security
VIP or Artist Escorts
Customized & Cost-Effective
Professionally Dressed Guards
Film - TV - Fashion Security
Customized Security Planning
VIP, Artist or Cast Escorts
Crowd Management
Security Training School
8 Hr Pre-Assignment
16 Hr OJT
8 Hr Annual
  • Core Security Services Customized Services
  • Entertainment Events Affordable Event Security
  • Film - TV - Fashion VIP Security
  • Security Training All Required Classes

Your Safety Is Our First Priority

We understand the importance of safeguarding our client’s employees, assets, and facilities

About Gold Security Guard Services, Inc

Choosing the best security guard services is very important especially if you have a tight budget!

Gold Security Guard Services, Inc offers 24 hours 7 days a week security services with competitive rates, and discounts on long-term contracts. We provide a variety of security services for special events, venues, film production, concerts, fashion, retail stores, hotels, movie premieres, commercial and residential properties, retail and hotel industries and more.

Security Services

  • Security Guards

    Reliable long & short term security guard services to prevent fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activity.

  • Event Security

    Whether your event is large or small, we provide high levels of security for all types of events

  • Restaurant Security

    Help to prevent theft, employee pilferage, unauthorized access and unruly customer behavior

  • Entertainment

    Providing security services in all segments of the entertainment industry like award shows, fashion show, theaters and concerts

  • Construction Sites

    Protect your construction site equipment and supplies. Sites with inadequate security are easy targets for theft and vandalism

  • Film & TV Production

    Secure your movie sets, outdoor filming locations and protect your cast, crew, and equipment

  • Buildings Security

    Customized security planning and services for office buildings, churches warehouses, & more.

  • Retail Security

    Customized, cost-effective retail loss prevention security strategies

Three Reasons to Choose Us

Peace of Mind
The main benefit of having a security officer for your business is peace of mind. The presence of the security officer provides a sense of security and safety to your customers and employees. Hiring security professionals also shows your customers that you take their safety seriously and that you are committed to protecting them and their interests.
Theft and Crime Deterrent
The presence of a uniformed security officer sends a clear message that you are serious about the security of your company and the safety of your employees and customers. Simply seeing a security guard can be a deterrent to many petty criminals.
Spot Suspicious Activity Quickly
Our security officers are trained to spot suspicious activity quickly and to act appropriately. We perform periodic security patrols and building checks for trespassers/vagrants to deter trespassing and vandalism from occurring.

Client says

"The security services provided for our construction sites were excellent. Your guards provided us with professional security services and prevented theft from our construction sites. We will definitely use your security services for future construction projects. " C. Trotman, KACT Construction

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